Wanna Get Noticed? Wow People by Telling a Story (Like Joe Coleman Did)


Yesterday I saw something amazing. I was wowed – my expectations were exceeded.

By a friend’s recommendation, I was guided to the website of freelance copywriter Joe Coleman. There is a genius home page there that shows a little bit of text and a slider beneath. The little bit of text is enough for you to learn about Joe’s service in an effective way.

But if you look at the slider, you learn more. It gives you the option of moving from “Less Hard Sell” to “More Hard Sell”. The results are fascinating.

Here’s what Joe did with this:

  • He told a story. He didn’t just push his services to you. He takes you on a journey with a surprise ending (slide all the way to “More Hard Sell” and you’ll see what I mean).
  • He brought fascination. He isn’t afraid to throw some web savvy into the mix by adding a slide function to his homepage.
  • He taught us that there is more than one way to sell your services, and his preferred spot for selling is slightly more towards “Less Hard Sell”.

Congratulations Joe Coleman on wowing me. Your challenge to me is this:

How can I take my homepage, that forefront of my business, and tell a story with it, that will fascinate people?

Thanks to Tim Metz for the heads-up about Joe’s website.

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